99 Erics: a Kat Cataclysm faux novel
Julia’s long-awaited debut novel regales readers with the adventures (and/or misadventures) of Kat Cataclysm, an ethically non-monogamous bisexual woman and absurdist short fiction writer. 99 Erics is a humorous account of Kat’s experiences writing a book called 99 Erics, which is about her experiences dating ninety-nine different people named Eric. It is more surreal than slutty. Not that there is anything wrong with slutty.

The book is largely comprised of amusing anecdotes from Kat’s dates with various Erics; satirical takes on relationships, sexual conventions, language, the writing process, book publishing, online media, and tech culture; and Kat’s smart yet silly digressions on a variety of topics, including the distorted nature of memories, hipsters, sex toys, sabermetrics, YA dystopian fiction, trendy restaurants, temporal anomalies, Freudian slips, banana slug mating practices, lucid dreaming, the internet of things, poetry slams, and Prince lyrics, to name but a few. These more fanciful passages are seamlessly interwoven with more serious and mundane matters, such as navigating the world as a woman and sexual minority, being an outcast who doesn’t really fit in, struggling to make ends meet, and reconciling one’s past with the present. The end result is a fun and fast read that tackles meaty subjects and contemporary issues along the way.

99 Erics is published by Switch Hitter Press (2020): ISBN 978-0-9968810-4-3 (paperback), ISBN 978-0-9968810-5-0 (ebook), LCCN 2019918543 (print), 278 pages.
You can purchase 99 Erics right now (in paperback & ebook formats) at all the major online outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes Books, Smashwords, etc.). If you wanna test read, you can also download the first 5 chapters for FREE in the following formats: Mobi (for Kindle readers), Epub (for iTunes/Books, Nook, and most other readers), or Pdf (for general computer use). Brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries can order the book via Ingram — you can locate your local bookstores via IndieBound, please encourage them to carry it! And if you like it, please give it a good review at Goodreads, Amazon, and elsewhere.
Julia will be doing two 99 Erics virtual book readings on Saturday, September 5th (3pm EDT/noon PDT/8pm UK) and Tuesday, September 22nd (7pm EDT/4pm PDT) — more details available in that link. For media inquiries, review copies, and interview requests, please contact Julia here.

Praise for 99 Erics!
“I’ve been a fan of Julia’s forever, and this book has all of her warmth and humor and insight, but also tons of surreal silliness.”
—Charlie Jane Anders, author of The City in the Middle of the Night and All the Birds in the Sky

“Whip-smart, drop-dead-funny metafiction by Oakland trans-bi activist writer Julia Serano”
—Jan Steckel, author of Like Flesh Covers Bone and The Horizontal Poet

99 Erics by Julia Serano is fantastic and one of the most fun reading experiences I've had in recent memory!”
—J.E. Sumerau, author of Via Chicago and America through Transgender Eyes

“I laughed. I cried. I was confounded in the most delicious of ways. The absurdist humor of Kat Cataclysm (aka Julia Serano) in 99 Erics strikes so close to home—so mirrors our current absurdist reality—that telling fact from fiction became futile. Did a rye comment from the book strike me funny solely in Kat’s fictional world? Or was it the laughter generated from resonance with real world absurdities? In the end it was both, and that was liberating! Take a much needed cathartic break from the craziness of our reality and dive into the delightful clever wackiness of 99 Erics. You'll be glad you did.”
—Amy Butcher, author of Wonderbody and Paws for Consideration

Book readings and excerpts:
Here are a few a few excerpts from 99 Erics for your reading and/or listening pleasure . . . more to come!
  • Posers (YouTube): a live reading of the chapter wherein our protagonist, Kat Cataclysm, shares her story of coming out as queer, and her complicated thoughts on queer community and culture. The opening “bicycle metaphor for queerness” can be read separately in the Medium piece What Is It Like Being Queer?.
  • Ethical Slut vs. Confused Slut (Medium): this is the chapter immediately following “Posers,” in its entirety. It's about the surrealness of dating straight men as a culturally-queer bisexual woman.
  • Banana Slug of a Different Color (Medium): this is the opening passage to the chapter, wherein Kat imagines how different society would be if human beings had sex similar to how banana slugs mate.
  • Lady Parts (Medium): the second half of the chapter, wherein Kat defines the elusive word “hipster” and explains why so many straight people inexplicably hang out in queer bars these days.
  • Poetry Slammed (YouTube): a live reading of the chapter now entitled “Publishers Clearing House,” in which Kat talks about her experiences as a recovered slam poet, and how that (unexpectedly) helped her get 99 Erics published.
  • Eric Number One (Patreon): the appropriately titled first chapter of 99 Erics; for now, this post is only available to my Patreon supporters. Everyone else can read the chapter via the free downloads of the first 5 chapters described above.
  • Fucking Expectations (Patreon): a send-up of “gender-swap” stories; for now, this post is only available to my Patreon supporters.
  • Shopping Carts, Part One (Patreon): aka, the lucid dreaming chapter; for now, this post is only available to my Patreon supporters.

Table of Contents:

1. Eric Number One
2. Materials and Methods
3. Lady Parts
4. Bomb
5. Patronizing
6. Benevolent Dictator
7. My Very First Blog Post
8. Why the Internet Is Like the Worst Thing Ever
9. Like
10. Publishers Clearing House
11. Laypeople
12. Fan Fiction
13. Socially Constructed Ice Cream
14. Children of the Corndog
15. Easter Eggs
16. Posers
17. Ethical Slut vs. Confused Slut
18. I’ve Misplaced Chekhov’s Gun
19. Shopping Carts, Part One
20. Content
21. Punching Versus Sprucing
22. Banana Slug of a Different Color
23. For All Intents and Purposes
24. Shopping Carts, Part Two
25. Writing About Sex Is Like Praying About Agnosticism
26. Ménage à Trois
27. Gut Feelings
28. Law of Averages
29. By Her Bootstraps
30. Origin Story
31. Good Grief
32. Book Cover
33. The One and Only Writing Tip That You Will Ever Need
34. Textbook Answers
35. Freudian Slip
36. Worst Eric Ever
37. Emotionally Labored
38. Bad Actor
39. Days of Future Passed
40. Fucking Expectations
41. Technologically Sound
42. Trombone Lessons
43. Home Base
44. And the Rest
45. Stet
46. Book Tour
47. Dénouement

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