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Ever since Whipping Girl came out a few years ago, the number of email messages I receive on a weekly basis has increased enormously. Some of these are ‘thank you’s from people who enjoyed the book. Other messages are from people who have questions about, or who are offering constructive criticism regarding, what I have written. Still others are requests asking for help regarding finding trans resources, advice about transitioning, asking for my help or participation in trans- or gender-related projects, and so forth.

Until recently, I have tried my best to respond to as many of these messages as possible. I very much want to let people know that I am grateful for their kind words. And the artist in me wants to fully explain my perspective and reasoning to those who are confused by, or in disagreement with, what I have written. And the activist in me really wants to help people who are looking for advice, support, or answers to questions.

Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day. Like most people, I have a full-time day job that pays the bills - all of my art and activism takes place in the limited amount of leftover time that remains. On top of that, I have some health-related issues that I am constantly dealing with which also limit the amount of time I can be on the computer. Given all this, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never be able to answer all (or even most) of the email that I receive. If I were to make a point of answering every message, I would simply have no remaining time for my own writing, my own projects, or my own life outside of all this.

For the record, I will do my best to answer all booking, performing, writing, publishing and press/media-related requests in a timely manner. For emails that fall outside of that realm, you should know that it is highly unlikely that I will have the time or energy to reply to your message in earnest. I apologize for this in advance. So you know, I do make a point of reading all my emails, so if you want to send me your appreciation, thoughts, concerns, issues or questions, I will certainly read and consider them, even if I do not have time for a thoughtful reply. Also, I happen to have an email list that I use to occasionally update folks about my upcoming writings, performances, projects, etc., so if you email me, I may send you an invitation to join that group - you can take that as a sign that I read your original message.

And finally, for those who do email me: I have to filter through lots of spam every day. So to ensure that I don't accidentally delete your email before reading it, it would be extra-helpful if in the subject of the email, you used unique words (such as your organization, my name, uncommon words like “transgender” and the like, etc.) to help me distinguish your message from all of the vaguely-titled spam emails I get...thanks!

November, 2010

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