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People often ask me about where they can “friend” or “follow” me on social media. So here is a brief rundown of where you can follow me if you choose to do so, listed in order of most relevant to least relevant, along with a brief exegesis of my personal relationship with that social media platform.

My email list (via MailChimp) - this is the *best* way to stay informed about all my endeavors. About once every two months, I send out an message listing all of my upcoming events, new books & writings, music releases, and so on. So click the link to sign up for my email updates!

Patreon - I am a “creator” there, which means that if you choose to support me (with monthly pledges for as little as $1 per month) you will get behind-the-scenes updates, plus access to some of my in-progress and unpublished writings, and the chance for rewards such as signed copies of my books!

Twitter (@juliaserano) - this is the social media platform I use the most. So if you want to be privy to my day to day musings, this is where I typically post them. (I also have a Twitter account for my fictional alter ego Kat Cataclysm.)

Facebook - the link will bring you to my Facebook writer page. I also have a personal account where I generally accept all friend requests. But be warned: I typically only use Facebook to get the word out about my writings/events/etc., and am not real active there otherwise.

Instagram - I am officially on Instagram, although I haven't really used it yet.

YouTube - right now, my YouTube channel is currently arranged into 3 playlists: my trans-themed spoken word, Kat Cataclysm (new fiction!), and *soft vowel sounds* (new music/videos!). I plan to post even more later this year!

My blog (via Blogspot) - a mix of essays, updates about my writings/performances, and personal thoughts about current topics.

Medium - these days, if I have an article or essay that I want to get out into the world as quickly as possible, this is where I publish it.

Goodreads and Amazon - my author pages for these book-related sites.

Academia.edu - many of my academic/research papers are available for download here.

Bandcamp - I don't know if Bandcamp counts as social media, but it is where you can listen to and/or buy all of my music from my noise-pop/indie-rock band Bitesize and my current solo music project *soft vowel sounds*. (note: you can also follow *soft vowel sounds* on Facebook and Twitter.)

LinkedIn - I do have a LinkedIn account, but I don't really use it. I only accept connections from people who are clearly involved in the following fields: writing/publishing, music/performance, activism, and/or biology.

Google+ - I want nothing to do with Google+ . . .

Email - if you want to contact me (e.g., about booking me for a talk/performance), this is the best way.

So that is it. If your favorite social media platform is not listed above, then I am probably not on it. Sorry. . .

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