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People often ask me about where they can “follow” me on social media, or they may attempt to “friend” or “circle” or “link” with me on social media sites that I do not actively participate on. So here is a brief rundown of where you can follow me if you choose to do so, listed in order of most relevant to least relevant, along with a brief exegesis of my personal relationship with that social media platform.

My email list (via MailChimp) - this is the *best* way to stay informed about all my endeavors. About once every month or two, I send out an message listing all of my upcoming events, new books & writings, music releases, and so on. So click the link to sign up for my email updates!

Patreon - I am a “creator” there, which means that if you choose to support me (with monthly pledges for as little as $1 per month) you will get behind-the-scenes updates, plus access to some of my in-progress and unpublished writings!

Twitter (@juliaserano) - when it comes to the platforms that people most commonly associate with “social media,” Twitter is the one that I am most active on. Not super one-hundred-tweets-a-day active, but I do check it almost every day, and tweet and re-tweet things on a regular basis.

Facebook writer page - So I am on Facebook, although I am not a big fan of the platform for too many reasons to count. I have a Facebook writer page, and when something significant happens, I will usually post it there. But that’s about it.

My blog (via Blogspot) - if I have something that I want to say, and want to get it out in the universe quickly, this is where it usually goes. Sometimes they are brief quips or thoughts about current events or my personal goings on. Other times, they are more contemplative essay-length pieces. Check it out!

YouTube - right now, my YouTube channel is currently arranged into 3 playlists: my trans-themed spoken word, Kat Cataclysm (new fiction!), and *soft vowel sounds* (new music/videos!). I plan to post even more later this year!

Bandcamp - I don't know if Bandcamp counts as social media. But it is where you can listen to and/or buy all of my music. There are pages for my current solo music project *soft vowel sounds* as well as my previous noise-pop/indie-rock band Bitesize. (note: you can also follow *soft vowel sounds* on Facebook and Twitter as well.)

Google+ - I completely understand why, in the face of Facebook’s rise to prominence, that Google came up with “Google-plus”. But I highly resent the fact that they have tried to nonconsensually strong-arm me into joining it simply because I have a Blogspot & YouTube account with them. So I have a Google+ account, but I did not create it, Google did. And if you try to “friend” me, or “circle” me, or whatever there, I will not respond. Do not take it personally: It’s not you, it’s Google . . .

So that is it. If your favorite social media platform is not listed above, then I am probably not on it. Sorry. . .

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