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FYI, I am in the process of moving some of my videos over to my YouTube Channel, where they are currently arranged into 3 playlists: my trans-themed spoken word, Kat Cataclysm (new fiction!), and *soft vowel sounds* (new music/videos!) - more to come this summer!

This page includes audio & video clips of my spoken word performances, my various music projects, plus a slew of interviews with me from over the years...

Julia’s spoken word performances
The following are videos of my spoken word performances and readings throughout the years:
I am currently working on a surreal, silly, sex-positive fiction project under the pen name Kat Cataclysm. You can watch video of me reading the chapter “Posers” (from the Kat Cataclysm novel-in-progress 99 Erics - the piece begins around 3:10 into the video). In March 2016 (while touring with Sister Spit), I performed a number of pieces from the recently released Kat Cataclysm chapbook General Surgery and Surgeons General - here are a few live audio recordings from that tour:

Julia’s music projects
In addition to writing and performing spoken word, I also happen to create music in the noise pop/indie rock genre.

My current solo music project is called *soft vowel sounds* and I recently released my first record Ray versus Macbeth and the Music Box, part one.

Videos for two of the songs from that release (“Music Box” and the “Lola” parody “Ray”) can be found on my YouTube channel. You can listen to audio tracks from of rest of the record below:

The most successful of my past music projects was Bitesize, for which I was the guitarist-vocalist-primary songwriter. A few of our tracks can be listened to below. Our entire discography can be perused on the Bitesize Bandcamp site.

interviews with Julia
The following are audio and video clips of interviews and panel discussions that I have participated in (listed roughly in reverse chronological order). Additional print interviews with me can be found on my press page...

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